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East Park Communications Ltd origins

 East Park Communication ( EPC) was founded in 2007 by Simon Castell to provide high quality professional media for professional Organisations, Societies and Associations to communicate with their Members.  A key consideration is how to fund such professional magazine considering most of these societies are non-profit organisations. EPC takes care of this by making the magazines self financing through careful selection of advertisers. Advertisers are selected to reflect the content of magazines, be directly relevant to the profession and with limited duplication of services.

In 2007 we began with the vision of producing unique journals to reflect the character and professionalism of each organisation. We started with Local Law Society and today we produce magazines for 8 Local laws quarterly or bi-monthly. Our growth has been organic largely through recommendation

EPC has maintained a strong link with the British Armed Forces since its founding and is the proud publisher of magazines for the UK Reserve Forces and Cadets Association .

Why we are a success

We believe that our success has been achieved by strong partnership with our clients ( both Associations and Advertisers). We actively research all markets we work in and are constantly monitoring changes and trends in order to offer the most up to date facilities for professionals to communicate their messages in an informative and highly effective manner

As the company has expanded, we have remained focused on our original mission, to provide professional Communications for professionals. We now periodically produce multimedia journals for eight Local Law Societies in England as well as having a special partnership with a top UK Law blog to maximise the communications between professionals who work in or with the legal profession.

Simon Castell

Simon Castell is the founder of East Park Communications ltd and has been involved in Communications and Media for over 25 years. He began his career working at Graduate Prospects, working on a range of graduate recruitment journals and directories. Later, Simon specialised in the legal market and specialising in the sales of all legal recruitment media both electronic and print. Simon has also served two stints with the Territorial Army, firstly with the Yorkshire Volunteers and secondly with the former Light Infantry. His involvement with both the legal profession and the Reserve Forces gave him a solid platform for our two main client bases and is confident and determined to provide the best service available.

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