What we do

In a nutshell: Professional communications for professionals

EPC provide a tailored media service for professional organisation. The service is self financing and thus free of charge to the professional organisations.  We work in partnership and aim to raising the profile of the organisation and strengthen its brand image. In the majority of cases this is in the form of a professionally produced magazine which keeps the members informed about their activities, opportunities and dates for the diary.

All magazines we publish are edited by the organisation it represents. EPC offers its expertise in the design, production and delivery of the publication. EPC makes the offer self financing by sourcing advertisers. Care is taken to ensure that all advertising is relevant to the readers and the content of the publication. Advertising is limited in both number and type to ensure the right balance of editorial content for the reader and to ensure maximum impact for the advertisers. Each publication is tailor made to the needs of the client making it unique.

We ensure that the clients have control of the distribution of both printed and electronic journals.

The process

Each publication is tailor made to the needs of the client making it unique, so there is no one process but the principles and outlines are as follows.


  1. The professional society shares its requirements for the publication.
  2. EPC marketing experts assess the scope of requirements and propose how this can be achieved.
  3. Agreement is reached on the publication’s management process (editor, administrator, communication channels, etc) number of issues, print runs, delivery etc.
  4. Magazine content provided by professional organisation
  5. EPC designers start layout and design
  6. EPC sales team source advertising for self financing magazines
  7. First layout for approval by editor
  8. Final layout for approval by editor
  9. Print
  10. Distribution

Publications can also be delivered through e-media. EPC has the expertise to deliver whole or part of publications to specified distribution lists. We also offer on demand download of publications.